Reviving Spirits of Ailing Backs: Marcus John / Founder of Back to Healing
Marcus John founded "Back to Healing," a non-profit that empowers people living with ailing backs called scoliosis. He is a director who expands support by mixing fashion, art, medicine and technology.
Marcus John has been working in the forefront of the fashion industry as a creative director and wardrobe stylist. His work has been featured in many well-known fashion journals.
John has recently expanded his work overseas in helping people who suffer from scoliosis, providing free surgeries for people, especially children suffering from this disease in developing countries.
During this interview, John is surrounded by his photo artworks he has created with scoliosis patients as models.
Non-profit organization, "Back to Healing" has inspired John and many other artists to produce photographic artwork modeled after people suffering from scoliosis.