Authentic Japanese Cooking: Miso Sukiyaki with Beef and Mushrooms
Learn about Japanese home cooking with Master Chef Saito, based on traditional Japanese cooking techniques! Featured recipes: (1) Miso Sukiyaki with Beef and Mushrooms (2) Japanese Turnips with Natto Dressing.

(1) Miso Sukiyaki with Beef and Mushrooms

Ingredients (Serves 2)
200 g thinly sliced beef
100 g king oyster mushrooms
100 g enoki mushrooms
100 g shimeji mushrooms
100 g watercress
4 eggs
Beef tallow, rice, shichimi seven spice, as needed

Sukiyaki sauce:
40-50 g red miso
2 1/2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp soy sauce
100 ml sake

1. Pound the beef into very thin slices. Cut a variety of mushrooms into bite-size pieces.
2. For the sauce, mix red miso with sugar, soy sauce and sake.
3. Place the eggs in 80 degrees Celsius hot water for 12-13 minutes.
4. Cook the beef and the mushroom in a pan.
5. Pour the sauce onto the meat. Add the watercress right before serving.
6. Dress the egg and enjoy! You can make shichimi infused fried rice with the sauce after the meat.

(2) Japanese Turnips with Natto Dressing

Ingredients (Serves 2)
3-4 small Japanese turnips
100 g hikiwari natto
1 sheet nori
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp mirin
1 tsp sake
Salt, as needed
10 g shiso leaves

1. Tear the nori into fine pieces and mix with soy sauce, sake and mirin to form a paste.
2. For the dressing, mix the nori paste with finely chopped hikiwari natto.
3. Cut the turnips into quarters and peel.
4. Add the turnips in a salted water pot and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 5-6 minutes.
5. Drizzle the dressing over the boiled turnips to serve, and garnish the dish with shredded shiso leaves.