Authentic Japanese Cooking: Sakashio-yaki Grilled Horse Mackerel *RERUN
Our theme for this episode is grilling. We'll be using horse mackerel, a popular and commonly eaten fish in Japan, and we'll show the best way to grill it on a mesh grill. Of particular note is our chef's unique sauce, made with sake and soy sauce: coating the fish with the sauce while grilling it results in light, tender and wonderfully aromatic grilled fish. Adding Sudachi citrus gives it a clean, refreshing tartness and aroma, too. For our side dish, we'll be making a home-cooked standard: miso soup with potato and onion, using dashi stock made with Niboshi (dried small sardines). Niboshi dashi has a unique flavor distinct from the more common dashi made with bonito tuna and Kombu kelp, and it goes particularly well in miso soup. Join us and learn how you too can master this popular Japanese cooking combination!