Rika's TOKYO CUISINE: 5 Salads Using Sushi Vinegar *RERUN
In this episode, we'll be preparing 5 different salads, all made with sushi vinegar. First is Namasu, traditionally eaten for celebrations like New Year's Day. We'll also be making potato salad with Sansho pepper powder in the dressing, for a Japanese twist on this popular standard. In addition, we'll show you how to make pork shabu-shabu arugula salad, with briefly cooked thinly sliced pork on a bed of arugula; marinated smoked salmon salad, combining salmon with onion; and even simple smoothies. All of these recipes are quick and easy! The secret is sushi vinegar: if you have sushi vinegar, you can easily add it to other seasonings to make all sorts of delicious dressings. We hope you'll try experimenting with sushi vinegar at home!