Home Moving Challenge
Home moving services in Japan have a reputation for being both thorough and speedy. This time, Chinese social media star Ruizhi gives Japanese moving a try! He begins with a training session. He learns how each and every item is treated with care before getting a chance to work on an actual move. He also helps to move a living tree from one garden to another, and learns how they're carefully kept healthy during the process. Watch Ruizhi master the art of Japanese moving!
On day 1, Ruizhi gets some training at a major firm, and learns some very Japanese moving techniques, including how dishes are packed one by one to avoid breakage.
On day 2, Ruizhi helps out with an actual home move, using the techniques he learned on day 1. It's a full day of hard work!
On day 3, Ruizhi helps move a living tree from one home to another. One of his tasks is to make a nice muddy environment for the transplanted tree's roots using a hose.