Noto Peninsula - Life in All its Richness *RERUN
In spring, cherry trees are full blooming in the Noto Peninsula, extending into the Sea of Japan. We explore the rich culture of this land cultivated by its history. We will start our trip from Kanazawa where people enjoying cherry blossom, to Rokko Saki, the northernmost tip of the peninsula. You can enjoy beach cycling in the west coast. In the mountain side, locals enjoy newly sprouting mountain vegetables. This peninsula is full of rich nature and culture such as the lacquer-making town of Wajima. Come along on 230km ride with us.
"Hanayome noren" is a unique bridal custom. Each mother makes one for her daughter's trousseau.
Countryside is filled with newly sprouting mountain vegetables. Kids learn the art of enjoying life close to nature.
Wajima lacquer ware is one of the finest products in Japan. The final coating process is very delicate since even one particle of dust would ruin the finish.
Rows of full blooming cherry trees line the road that runs along the castle moat.