Aizu - A Tapestry of Tradition *RERUN
If you're a thrill seeker, we recommend the steep roads of Aizu, in the Fukushima mountains. Our cyclist heads deep into the woods where autumn colors decorate the forest. He finds a village stuck in time where locals gladly share their traditions. He learns about a style of hand weaving called, Karamushi and explores 300-year-old storehouses where sake is brewed. We'll also be exposed to an education system from the samurai era for girls that remains unchanged. This 300km ride provides a glimpse into the lives of proud locals with a resilient culture.
Ouchi-Juku is a village unchanged for several centuries
Karamushi; an ancient style of hand weaving
300-year-old storehouses where sake is brewed
The educational principle for samurai is still alive in young girls' mind