Childrearing Beyond Borders *RERUN
Giving birth and childrearing come with many worries, which can be magnified for mothers living in a country not their own. Luckily for those in Japan, Tsubonoya Tomomi, a seasoned nursery school teacher, founded an NPO devoted to helping non-Japanese moms overcome cultural and language barriers. We follow Tomomi in her work and learn about the philosophy behind her efforts.
Raising her baby daughter in Japan, Myanmar-born Ei Thandar Soe receives support from Tsubonoya Tomomi with things like paperwork and visits to the doctor
Tomomi and the members of her NPO work to provide support that takes foreign cultures and customs into consideration
Tomomi's NPO created this series of communication boards that feature illustrations of various issues non-Japanese mothers might have difficulty describing
Tomomi says she wishes to make it easier for all mothers in Japan to live and raise their children, no matter their nationality