17 Syllables Unite the World: Haiku in the Pandemic *RERUN
The power of the tiny 17-syllable poems called haiku resonates worldwide. In 2021, an effort was made to share thoughts via haiku in many languages, with the theme of "Life." What kind of thoughts do people express in the midst of conflicts, disasters and the COVID-19 epidemic? The organizer, poet Mayuzumi Madoka, presents a selection of the more than 1,000 haiku submitted from 36 countries.
The World Online Kukai (haiku session), held in December 2021. Participants from India, Malaysia, USA and Japan joined regardless of the time difference.
Haiku poet Mayuzumi Madoka invited haiku lovers around the world to submit their poems.
Haiku poems in various languages
The haiku session was held at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo, with a history of over 600 years.