This time, we respond to a request from a viewer in Pakistan who wants to know about kite-flying in Japan. Our reporter is Bilal Khan, an announcer in our Urdu broadcasting division. A kite-flying event is held all over Japan to offer wishes for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. By attending the event, Bilal learns about the unique meaning of kites in Japan. Japan's kite-flying culture goes back to the 8th century. It experienced a boom during the 17th century and then developed differently from region to region. Bilal visits Niigata Prefecture where a huge kite battle will take place. He experiences a culture of unique large kites with a 300-year history and meets a craftsman who makes kites using traditional techniques. Bilal tries to make and fly a kite himself. How are kites unique in Japan? And will his kite fly?
Colorful kites
Nagasawa Toshiaki is familiar with the history of kites
A giant Shirone kite
Sudo Kenichi, head of a kite shop with a 174-year history