WHAT'S YOUR CONNECTION?: Disaster Preparedness, the First Steps *RERUN
How can we learn about disaster preparedness in Japan? This time, people from Myanmar living in Tokyo sent us a question. Our reporter is Director of NHK WORLD-JAPAN Burmese Language Broadcasting, Khin Aye Nge. Myanmar experiences fewer natural disasters so the people are not accustomed to preparing for them. Khin visits a monastery where people from Myanmar living in Japan gather. Along with them, she visits a facility to learn disaster preparedness and experience simulated disasters. What is their first reaction? In addition, a specialist from the local government checks the monastery for earthquake and fire preparedness. What kind of advice does she give and what do they discover? We offer suggestions for the first steps toward disaster prevention and countermeasures.
People from Myanmar experiencing fire extinguishing at a disaster preparedness learning facility
A disaster preparedness specialist (right) giving advice to people from Myanmar (center)
Buddhist statues and chief priest at the main room of the Myanmar Buddhism Monastery
People from Myanmar learning about items for disaster preparedness from a specialist