The Key to a Kitty's Heart - A Cat's-Eye View of Japan Special -
A Cat's-Eye View of Japan, airing on NHK WORLD-JAPAN, offers a glimpse into beautiful regions of Japan through the eyes of kitty-cats. The show's cameraman, wildlife photographer Iwago Mitsuaki, often finds himself surrounded by the cats he encounters—they seem to understand and listen to him. This special program uncovers the mysteries of Iwago's craft and the secret to a kitty's heart, along with some selected moments from the show. Iwago and the cast discuss their shared love for cats while learning more about the behind-the-scenes stories of the charming kitties living in Japan, and the incredible bond between humans and our feline friends.

Cast: Wildlife photographer, Iwago Mitsuaki / Japanese literature scholar, Robert Campbell / Host, Chiara Terzuolo