Alan's Cultural Center Without Borders *RERUN
In 2020, Yamashita Alan, a Brazilian of Japanese descent and former Japanese champion of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, founded a cultural center in Imizu, his town of adoption in Toyama Prefecture. It's a place where the foreign community loves to gather to meet and practice all kinds of sports and activities. We follow Alan as he tries to encourage the Japanese locals to join in on the fun. We also visit a farm in Gunma Prefecture where Indonesian, Miko Alasta is in charge of growing lettuce and harvesting strawberries.
At his cultural center opened in what used to be a store, Alan teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu
All sorts of classes are held at the center, including the very popular trampoline dance lessons
Now a husband and father, Alan learned the importance of cultural exchange from his own experience moving to Japan
After learning in Japan, Miko dreams of opening a farming equipment store in his homeland