Seeing Tokyo from the Trees *RERUN
On this episode, we discover a lesser-known side of Tokyo with US-born magazine Editor Lucas Badtke-Berkow. After introducing the cool and youthful culture of the capital with the hit magazine "TOKION," he now focuses on the "good old Japan" he's grown to love over the years. His latest project sets the spotlight on the city's oldest inhabitants – trees. Later on, still in Tokyo, we drop by a nail salon for a bit of nail art with Myanmar-native Nial Khan Cing, also-known-as Non Non.
Lucas introduces scenic tree spots around the capital through his Tokyo Tree Trek project
Lucas enjoys a friendly chat with the staff at his neighborhood barbershop
Relaxing at a public bath – a simple pleasure Lucas gradually came to love
Non Non loves to put art on her customer's nails and a smile on their faces