Growing Tasty Shiny Jewels
On this episode, we head to Mitoyo in Kagawa Prefecture to meet French-native Jerome Rupp who grows Shine Muscats, a variety of high-end grapes born in Japan. Cultivating the luxury fruit is painstaking work that requires meticulous care. After training under a mentor, Jerome finally harvested his first grapes last year. However, some of them had been damaged by a typhoon. How will the fruit of his labor fare this season? Later on, Danish Jonas Berg introduces his work as a pipe organ builder in Tokyo.
Jerome learned the art of cultivating grapes from his mentor, Yano Yasue
With harvest season around the corner, Jerome has little time to spend with his family
Jerome has been actively encouraging others to become Shine Muscat farmers
This year, Jonas set up his own company - an important step in his career as a pipe organ builder in Japan