Fostering a Future for Fishery *RERUN
On this episode, we visit Nakanoshima Island off the coast of Shimane Prefecture to meet Myanmar-born Aung Moe Oo, who leads a fishing enterprise. As young people leave the island to live in urban areas, he worries about the lack of successors to the local fishing industry. We follow him as he mentors a young woman who left her music career in Tokyo to become a fisher. We also tag along with South African Carli Kuschke on a day in her work creating samples for a plastering company in Tokyo.
A former piano teacher, Hamaguchi Natsuki moved to the island to become a fisher
Aung Moe Oo teaches Natsuki how to maneuver a large landing net
To nurture the next generation of fishermen, Aung Moe Oo holds activities for kids to learn about fish
Carli uses different materials to create a variety of colors and textures