Cultivating Land and Community
This time, we meet American Thomas Kloepfer, a farmer living in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, where he revived abandoned farmland to grow all sorts of vegetables. His new project is a café that will feature his produce and bring the local community together. But this year's scorching summer has been hard on his crops. We follow Thomas in his efforts to overcome this obstacle and keep his dream alive. We also visit a brewery in Yamanashi Prefecture, where Richard Leglise, also from the US, crafts barrel-aged beer.
Thomas grows a total of more than eighty different kinds of vegetables, mainly western ones
Always a good supporter and advisor to Thomas is his father-in-law, Niisato Koji
Thomas is working to set up his farm-to-table café to connect people through his vegetables
Richard blends beer aged in a variety of barrels that were used for things like sake or soy sauce