Concerto on a Stringed Survivor
This time, we visit Hiroshima Prefecture to meet Ukrainian-born Hiraishi Olena and her son, budding violinist Eishin. Since Russia began invading Olena's home country, she and Eishin have been organizing charity concerts to provide support for Ukraine. They now prepare to send a message of peace to the world with a special concert in which Eishin will play a violin that survived the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. We also meet UK-native Sally Hancox, who crafts beautiful indigo dye creations on Awaji Island.
The surviving violin still bears the name of the person who crafted it
Posing for a photo with Yahata Teruko, a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing
Olena says she was moved by Hiroshima's recovery
Sally holds indigo dyeing workshops to introduce people to the craft's appeal