A Town's Festive Refreshening
We visit Kochi City in Kochi Prefecture to meet US-native Owen Wade, a member of a local business owners' association. With the declining population, the opening of supermarket franchises and the pandemic, small shops have been struggling. We follow Owen in his efforts to reinvigorate his town of adoption, particularly with the popular Yosakoi Festival, held for the first time in three years. We also drop by a soba noodle shop in Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture, that's run by Bangladesh-born MD Chowdhury.
Owen Wade fell in love with the Yosakoi Festival
The Yosakoi Festival was held for the first time in three years
Owen prepares for the festival by getting his trademark "Yosakoi" haircut
Chowdhury poses in front of the millstone he uses every day to grind soba kernels