Presenting Japanese Puppetry to the World *RERUN
On this episode, we meet two gray-bearded North Americans passionate about Japanese traditional arts. First, we head to Tokushima Prefecture, where US-born Martin Holman leads a troupe that performs a local centuries-old form of puppet theater called Awa Ningyo Joruri. Just like Martin, about half of the group's members are non-Japanese. Then we visit the Tokyo workshop of Canadian David Bull, a craftsman who with his team of artisans produces Japanese woodblock prints following a time-honored method.
Awa Ningyo Joruri is a traditional form of puppet theater in Tokushima
Martin Holman is the head of the Tokubeiza puppet theater
Martin takes a photo with some members of the Tokubeiza troupe
David Bull considers it his role to promote the appeal of Japanese woodblock prints to the world