Cultivating a Circle of Collaboration *RERUN
This time, we follow Dharma Lama, a mandala artist born and raised at a temple in his home country of Nepal who now runs a vegetable farm in Toyama Prefecture. Concerned over the future of agriculture in the region, Dharma works hard to contribute to the farming community. He set up a food processing plant to further add value to local produce. But the road to success is not without its challenges. Join us to find out more. We also meet Yang Haoyue from China who works at a popular sundries store in Tokyo.
Dharma is a mandala artist born and raised in a Buddhist temple in Nepal.
Hoping to process and sell his produce, Dharma set up a factory, however...
At a local event, Dharma serves Nepalese cuisine he prepared.
Haoyue uses the knowhow she acquired to make the store's displays more appealing.