Sake Mastery Starts With Rice *RERUN
This episode takes us to Shiga Prefecture, home of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. It's there that a few years ago Italian-born Enrico Cupri began working at a sake brewery. Fueled by his love of sake and his determination to master the brewing craft, he diligently trains under the mentoring of Tomita Yasunobu, the brewery's 15th-generation owner. But the road to sake mastery has its obstacles Enrico must overcome. We also meet American Andrew Gibler, who works at a real estate agency in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Now in his third year of training at the brewery, Enrico's work mainly consists of washing the rice
When Enrico first tasted sake at a restaurant in Australia, he immediately fell in love
To celebrate the New Years, Enrico eats a fermented dish called Funazushi with his colleagues
Andrew makes video content introducing Japanese culture and everyday life