A Ukrainian Boy's Martial Art Journey
This time we head to mountainous Nagano Prefecture where 13-year-old Artem Tsymbaliuk fled from the war in his homeland of Ukraine with his mother. Practicing Zendokai Karate since childhood, Artem was invited to Japan by the founder of this unique martial art style. Two months after his arrival, Artem takes part in a prefectural tournament. How will he fare? Join us to find out! We also visit Osaka Prefecture to follow Malaysian Yip Xue Qian in his marketing work for a world-renowned manufacturer of snack foods.
Artem came to Japan with his mother Olena
Artem's father Vasilii enrolled to fight for his country
Artem and his mother were welcomed to Japan by Ozawa Takashi, the founder of Zendokai Karate
Yip says he cherishes the smiles of children who enjoy the snacks he works on