Finding Hope Among the Rubble *RERUN
On July 3rd 2021, massive mudslides caused by heavy rainfall swept through the town of Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture, leaving devastation in their wake. A day before, Chinese-born Xu Haoyu had just moved into a house he'd bought there. Like many others, his home was destroyed. Six months after the disaster, we follow Haoyu in his efforts to get back on his feet. We later meet Xia Dezheng, also from China, who develops ready-to-eat meals for the elderly at a major food product manufacturer in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Haoyu's house was destroyed by the mudslides
Haoyu takes part in volunteer work in the stricken area
Haoyu chats with fellow volunteers during his lunchbreak
Through trial and error, Dezheng makes sure the food he develops is easy for the elderly to eat