For the Love of Sweets and Family *RERUN
On this episode: a taste of sweetness with traditional confections, or "wagashi," prepared at a 200-year-old shop in Kumamoto City. Training under the 7th generation owner is his son-in-law, Mexican-born Saul Garcia Torres. Join us as we spend time with Saul on his journey toward becoming a master at preparing Japanese confections and creating new sugary sensations powered by his love of sweets and family. We also follow Amelia from the UK in her work to protect wild bears in Nagano Prefecture.
Saul learns Japanese confectionery under his father in law Kazuki
Saul enjoys family time with his wife Hiromi and their daughter Akane
Saul takes in the natural beauty of Kumamoto
By protecting wild bears, Amelia also prevents them from harming people