Keeping the Faith in Chinatown *RERUN
Yokohama is home to Japan's biggest Chinatown. The neighborhood has survived war and disaster over the course of its long history. Now it's known as a culinary hotspot, attracting about 20 million visitors every year. But the coronavirus has ground business to a halt. This episode follows 3 people with deep roots to the area's storied dining industry, and looks at how they are overcoming the crisis. We also meet Vietnam-born Doan who is working to bring new development to Tokyo's Shibuya Ward.
Manchinro, Chinatown's most famous restaurant, has continued to serve its beloved cuisine during the pandemic
Another popular eatery, Tohoku Jinka, makes use of technology to embark on a new business
The celebrated lion dance is performed without spectators at Kuan Ti Miao temple
Doan is working to bring about a new wind of change in Tokyo's Shibuya