The Daily Struggles of a Pakistani Used Car Dealer
The number of people who've chosen Japan to be their new home reached the highest in history in 2019, exceeding 2.8 million. They bring new color to the country, yet many foreigners struggle to fit in. This program offers a glimpse into their lives and the hardships they face in Japanese society.

More than 600 dealers from around Asia and the Middle East gather at a huge used vehicle auction. They are foreign exporters who came to live in Japan, hunting for the best deal and trying to make it big in their adoptive country. A devout Pakistani Muslim, Mian Mohammad Sadiq is one of them. We follow him in his daily struggles as he tries to compromise between his beliefs and the local values. We also look at the life of a young American woman who's studying to become a sake specialist.
Muslims at Babul Islam Mosque in Oyama City
Sadiq sharing a meal with local friends
Kelley and her colleagues at the sake brewery