#18 Human Stampede
What is a human stampede? It is a disaster in which people are so crowded together that they push and squeeze against each other, making it hard to breathe. It can also cause a person to fall, triggering a domino effect that results in casualties. In the past, human stampedes have taken the lives of countless people. In Japan, there is a high risk of a mega-quake hitting directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area in the near future. If this occurs, up to 8 million people are expected to be stranded in the city, creating a high possibility of human stampedes. What can we do to prevent casualties? Find out about the latest research on crowd safety.
Reporter: Lemi Duncan
Virtual reality lets you experience the difficulty of walking home in overcrowded streets
Simulation of people returning home at once during a disaster shows a high risk of overcrowding in numerous locations (red and purple)
As part of crowd safety measures for areas around Shinjuku Station, drones are expected to gather information and guide crowds during disasters