#7 Mt. Fuji's Threat to Tokyo *RERUN
Mt. Fuji has been an object of faith for many Japanese. On the other hand, it has also caused numerous disasters with repeated eruptions. According to a simulation released by the Japanese government in March 2021, the next eruption could cause up to 10cm of volcanic ash to accumulate in Tokyo, about 100km away, within a few hours. Volcanic ash contains small jagged pieces of volcanic glass that can cause severe eye pain. Furthermore, volcanic ash can become electrically conductive when it absorbs rain, damaging power grids and triggering power outages. Moreover, it is expected to cripple the transport system, including automobiles, trains and airplanes, leading to significant damage in the urban areas. What can we do to prepare for the eruption of Mt. Fuji? Find out the things you can do in your daily life to protect yourself from volcanic disasters.
Mt. Fuji
Volcanic ash particles under a microscope