Dealing with Damage-Causing Wildlife
[On-Site Report: Dealing with Damage-Causing Wildlife]
This episode features a security service company that helps farmers deal with damage-causing wildlife and a business that chases crows away with specially developed audio recordings.

On-Site Report: Dealing with Damage-Causing Wildlife

Employees from a major security service provider retrieve a wild boar from a farmer's trap
Years of research studying crow behavior and communication have led to a service that uses crow warning cries to scare them away

Global Trends: Japan Firms in Southeast Asia Losing Local Talent

With their offers of high salaries and good benefits, Japanese companies were once the employers of choice for many in Southeast Asia. We see how that's changing in Thailand in particular as local firms and new competitors step up their game to attract top talent.
Japanese companies expanded rapidly into Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia in the 1980s, bringing with them offers of better pay and working conditions
Decades later, Japanese companies are finding it tough to retain local talent as the arrival of new competitors offers workers greater choice

In Focus: Group Scandals Threaten to Take Shine Off Toyota

Toyota Motor is selling more cars than any other automaker in the world and reaping record profits. But the champagne's not popping as a string of scandals at group firms continue to grab the headlines. How will a symbol of Japan's industrial power restore its reputation?