Tohoku's Tasty Turnaround
The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan's Tohoku region 12 years ago caused severe damage to its agriculture and fishing industries. This episode features some enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are working to revive the region through locally produced food and beverage businesses.

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Tohoku's Tasty Turnaround

Former architect Mouri Chikafusa has founded a winery as part of his goal to help revive the Tohoku region's economy through locally produced foods and beverages
In an addition to catching and selling fresh seafood, some of the fishermen in Mr. Mouri's network produce a variety of branded products like the gourmet sea urchin spreads

Global Trends

Around 80% of dogs and cats are said to suffer from gum disease, which one research thinks may come from a surprising source
People are turning to a variety of products to alleviate the suffering of their pets and to prevent problems, creating a market for pet oral care set to grow to $10 billion