Washi: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Paper
In addition to writing paper, traditional Japanese washi paper has long been used in a variety of ways, such as for making lamp shades and door and window screens. This episode looks at how some companies are taking the ancient material into the future through even more sustainable production methods and creative new applications.

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In a surprise move, the Japanese government plans to nominate an economist and former Bank of Japan policymaker to be the central bank's next governor. We take a look at the challenges that await the new leadership.

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Chile's fish farming industry is helping to meet the growing global demand for salmon. Despite providing a much needed boost to the country's economy, various factors are putting the industry at risk.

Washi: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Paper

Weighing approximately 80% less than a standard plastic version, a mannequin made from washi paper can be easily carried by just one person
Using discarded fruits and vegetables allows for a more eco-friendly product and results in paper that offers different color and strength options depending on which types of produce were used to make it

Global Trends

Chile began farming salmon in the 1980s with help from Japan, because the cold currents and coastline create ideal conditions
Aquaculture facilities in the south of Chile have made the country the world's second largest producer of salmon, but various health and environmental issues are now putting the industry at risk