Urban Apartment Revival
Many of Japan's large apartment complexes have been standing for over half a century. A combination of aging facilities and increasing vacancies are putting their futures at risk. This episode features a strategy to revive them by bringing in unique businesses to fill some of those spaces and draw-in new tenants and visitors.

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Urban Apartment Revival

A land-based aquaculture company has partnered with the management of an old apartment complex located in the city of Kobe to see if some of its vacant rooms are suitable for hosting small fish-farming facilities
Munakata City officials are bringing a variety of new businesses into an aging apartment complex for tenants and local residents to enjoy, such as a craft beer brewery and a cafe that offers nostalgic treats

Global Trends

An elementary school in Mexico issues its own currency that's only valid at the school's annual market for which children make products to sell
The kids come up with a natural and non-chemical skincare product to make and sell that's better for the community and the environment