Ban Shigeru: Designing Places of Refuge
In March 2022, the award-winning architect Ban Shigeru helped create special shelters in Poland for Ukrainian refugees. In September, he led a team of students in designing a prefabricated house that can be quickly made from materials available in Poland and Ukraine. This week's episode features an in-depth interview with Ban Shigeru to learn more about his mission to create places or refuge for displaced Ukrainians.

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Ban Shigeru: Designing Places of Refuge

This paper-based partition system was designed to provide people with private spaces to relax and stow their belongings when staying in evacuations centers
Looking to the future, Ban Shigeru is now overseeing a project to create temporary housing structures made primarily from foam and reinforced resin panels that can be built quickly and cheaply almost anywhere in Ukraine

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In Thailand, powdered Japanese green tea, or matcha, is popular with young consumer who are enjoying it mixed with local ingredients
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