Innovative Ideas in Baby Care
As the number of dual income families in Japan increases, the baby care market is expecting to see further growth over the next 5 years. Many of these products and services are centered on offering increased safety and improved convenience. This week's episode features a portable baby care pod and an AI-based remote infant monitoring system.

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Southeast Asian nations are rushing to reopen to tourism in the wake of the pandemic. But China's zero-Covid policy means they can't expect an influx of visitors from the world's most populous country anytime soon. Some are counting on tourists from India to fill the void.

Innovative Ideas in Baby Care

Using AI to monitor sleeping positions and movement, this digital observation system allows childcare workers to remotely keep track of up to 10 infants at a time
Designed for use in busy locations like shopping malls and event spaces, this portable baby care pod offers parents a safe and convenient place for diaper changes or breast feeding

Global Trends

The number of Indian visitors to Thailand is growing, and now they are the second-biggest group
Keeping the new guests happy is a priority for locals, who are learning the nuances of Indian culture