Taking Fertilizer into the Future
The war in Ukraine has sent fertilizer prices skyrocketing to record highs. This episode shows how Japanese companies are using alternative production methods and AI technology to bring costs back down to earth.

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The latest developments in artificial intelligence are making it possible for prosthetic limbs to adapt to individual users. That means people don't need to learn how to use them. Instead, these devices learn on the job.

Taking Fertilizer into the Future

This sewage treatment center located in Saga city is able to eliminate pathogens contained in sludge, making it safe to use as fertilizer
By analyzing a variety of conditions such as soil temperature and moisture content with soil sensors, an automated irrigation system uses AI to control fertilizer and water distribution

Global Trends

The myoelectric hand is equipped with AI that learns user's intentions based on nerve signals, making it possible to open and close the fingers simply with thoughts
The prosthetic hands for children is made with a 3D printer and has a small motor to keep the weight to around 200 grams