Sagara Miori - Expanding Horizons
Data annotation is the process of categorizing and labeling the information needed to bridge the gap between sample data and AI machine learning. This week's special interview features Sagara Miori, president and CEO of Baobab. She sits down to talk with us about her company and how its diverse workforce has allowed it to become a global leader in this emerging field.

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Japan is finally open to the world again after removing most of its pandemic border restrictions. We look into why this is a major development for travelers, the tourism industry ... and even the national economy as a whole.

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Efforts to export high-end Japanese products such as fine sake has led to brand recognition ... but also fake products. High tech solutions can ensure that the products that reach consumers are real.

Sagara Miori - Expanding Horizons

Annotation is the process of manually placing boxes and labels on images that AI relies on to learn how to identify objects
The company's high quality annotation system is supported by a diverse workforce, including people with disabilities and Ukrainian refugees

Global Trends

This sake brewery, which exports nearly half of its products, adopted a tech solution to crack down on fake products
An IC tag on a bottle is scanned with a smartphone that connects to a server, which reports if the bottle has been previously opened