Sakamoto Tomomi - An Eye for Growth
Despite its precision aluminum molding capabilities, Sakamoto Tomomi returned home to find her father's business struggling to stay afloat. Inspired by her passion for gardening, she turned things around by designing and producing an award-winning flower vase.

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Sakamoto Tomomi - An Eye for Growth

The company has developed more than 50 different types of aluminum vases and flower stands, which now account for over 30% of total sales
By doing everything from design to manufacturing in-house, the company can create a wide variety of aluminum products such as the flatware and doll holders as shown above

Global Trends

BeReal was launched in 2020 and has since taken off in Europe and the US among Gen Z
The app only allows one photo post a day that cannot be edited, and users must take and quickly upload a picture at a random time when notified by the app