Ihara Keiko - Charting a New Path to Mobility
This episode features race car driver and entrepreneur Ihara Keiko. Taking advantage of her experience and connections in motorsport, her forward-thinking company has developed an easy-to-ride personal mobility vehicle.

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Countries around the world are trying to curb inflation but they have destabilized their currencies in the process. Japan intervened in the market to stop the yen from weakening further. We explore the prospects for the Japanese currency going forward.

[Global Trends: Reviving a Coffee Variety from the Philippines]
A variety of coffee from the Philippines is getting an international push. An exporter is working with farmers with the aim of making their coffee known around the world ... and they are starting in Japan.

Ihara Keiko - Charting a New Path to Mobility

In addition to selling the three-wheeled scooter for individual use, Ihara is also starting a food delivery service that will be centered around the vehicle
Placing an emphasis on hearing the viewpoints of female employees, Ihara hopes their input will not only contribute to company success, but also play a role in revitalizing the local economies her company works with

Global Trends

Barako coffee from the Philippines is known for its bitter taste and strong aroma
The variety is made from the rare difficult to cultivate Liberica bean, which accounts for only 2% of the world's coffee