Surprising Saunas
From a tiny personal sauna that can fit on a balcony, to a city bus that has been turned into a spacious traveling sauna, this episode features some of the steamiest business trends in Japan.

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Germany's industries that rely on natural gas are suffering from soaring prices. And Japan has rolled out three-month measures to save energy to prevent blackouts. We look at how these factors are turning energy policies back toward nuclear power.

[Global Trends: Finding Value in Vacant Homes]
Japan has a growing number of vacant and abandoned houses. There are some creative approaches businesses are using to let owners profit from these buildings ... and for tenants to drive their dream homes.

Surprising Saunas

This mobile sauna features a spacious wood-paneled Finnish-style interior, while the exterior remains true to its origins as a commuter bus
Designed specifically for fitting on narrow Japanese balconies, these tent-style saunas allow users to enjoy working up a good sweat in the comfort of their own homes

Global Trends

Surveyors make sure vacant homes are ready for a second life by checking for leaks and structural problems
There is a new market for "DIY rentals" with tenants accepting stripped down properties then remodeling to their own tastes