Japan's Dairy Industry Goes Digital
Whether it's for feeding, milking or breeding, dairy farmers must keep constantly monitor their cattle. This episode shows how technology and automation are helping to improve cow health and increase productivity.

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Gas supplies have emerged as a new threat in the standoff between Moscow and Western nations over the invasion of Ukraine. We look at how the potential loss of Russian energy is impacting Europe and even Japan.

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Japan's Dairy Industry Goes Digital

This wearable device for cows keeps farmers informed of when their cows are eating, resting, and even when they are ready for mating
By incorporating digital devices and automation, it only takes a few workers to manage and care for over 200 head of cattle

Global Trends

Farmers in the Andes perform ceremonies to ensure a good potato harvest, but recently that has not been enough
Growers have been planting at higher elevations to avoid the effects of global warming, with mixed results