Innovation Through Fermentation
From sake and soy sauce to miso paste, fermented foods are a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine. This episode features food manufacturers that are hoping to see sales rise by getting creative with yeast.

[In Focus: Assessing the Impact of Abe's Economic Legacy]
Former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo was Japan's longest-serving modern leader and one of its most prominent political figures. As the nation mourns his death, we look at the legacy of his economic policy, what may be in store for the future.

[Global Trends: Singapore's 3D Shipping Revolution]
Shipping hub Singapore is on a mission to enhance its global role by revolutionizing how ships are repaired, using 3D printers to make parts quickly. We take a look at how this project is going.

On-Site Report "Innovation Through Fermentation"

A miso brewery is serving up full-course meals that feature dishes made with a flavor-enhancing yeast
These smoothies contain a type of lactic acid bacteria that was cultured by a traditional Japanese sweets maker

Global Trends

Singapore is the world's second-largest transportation hub in terms of volume of containers handled annually
A national initiative is underway to create a system to quickly build ship parts on demand using 3D printers