Don't Scrap It, Snack It!
Each year, Japan produces millions of tons of food waste. This episode features businesses that are striving to reduce this waste by creating new products made from ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away.

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Japan has finally resumed accepting overseas tourists, but it's far from a full reopening. There are numerous restrictions on foreign visitors, and some worry the measures may blunt any economic benefits.

[Global Trends: Sustainable Style Grows in Thailand]
Fashion industry companies in Thailand are looking to take the waste out of wear. Firms are finding ways to make use of excess fabric and clothing, and young people are snapping it up.

Don't Scrap It, Snack It!

A food waste-fighting startup is turning difficult-to-sell fruits and vegetables such as these unsightly carrots into a variety of healthy snacks
This "zero waste" food brand has released a wide range of products made from what many consider to be inedible parts of vegetables such as bare corn cobs and empty soy bean pods

Global Trends

A Bangkok startup has been keeping piles of surplus fabric out of the garbage by offering it for sale online
These items made from denim and cement bags that would otherwise be thrown out were created by a trendy Bangkok fashion brand