Dyeing to Create a New Look
From the deep blacks used for dyeing formal kimono, to altering and accentuating colorful designs using a traditional dyeing process, this episode shows how traditional Japanese fabric dyeing techniques are now being used to give clothing a unique and modern look.

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People are finally leaving their homes and going back to work. China's biggest city, Shanghai, has begun lifting restrictions put in place to contain the coronavirus. We examine what this means for China's economy, and if it can get back on track toward meeting its growth target.

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Dyeing to Create a New Look

A Kyoto-based artisan is taking traditional Togolese fabrics (as seen on the left) and dyeing them to suit Japanese tastes (as seen on the right)
This dress is part of special black-dyed collection of apparel that a department store had made from a variety of out-of-season garments

Global Trends

To appeal to younger drinkers, one sake retailer has developed a game-like app that helps customers find a product that matches their personality
As drinking outdoors has become more popular during the pandemic, one company has come out with aluminum bottles that are lighter, and easier to carry