Sewing Surge Creates New Demand
Despite decades of fast fashion dominance and the rise of online shopping, sewing is experiencing a surge in popularity. This episode features a company that has created a compact and easy-to-use personal sewing machine designed to meet the needs of modern users and a manufacturer that has started renting its professional-grade machines to ambitious amateur seamsters.

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Coronavirus restrictions increased the isolation of Brazil's slums. In response, a resident of one neighborhood started a delivery business that not only gives people access to food and daily necessities, but also creates jobs.
This sewing machine was designed for easy operation so beginners can use it while following along with instructional videos played on a tablet or a smartphone
An amateur seamster uses a rental space that provides customers with access to a variety of professional-grade equipment

Global Trends

Brazil's poorer neighborhood, called favelas, exist in relative isolation as service providers such as couriers may refuse to enter them out of concern for safety
At a favela in Sao Paulo, a local entrepreneur started a delivery service that collects packages at the entrance and distributes them to the residents within