Protecting Vital Infrastructure
Maintaining and protecting vital pieces of infrastructure is a key issue for many governments around the world. This episode shows how Japanese companies are using innovative technologies to help keep the country's towns and cities running safely and smoothly.

[In Focus: Aggressive Fed Hike Sets Off Alarms for World Economy]
Sharp rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve have sent shockwaves through the global economy. But the risks going forward could be greater than some might expect. We take a look at the fine line the Fed is walking and why the bank might stray from it.

[Global Trends: No Substitute for Jackfruit]
A massive tropical produce called jackfruit is getting another look for its potential as a meat substitute. We see how it's being used as the key ingredient for growing business opportunities.

Protecting Vital Infrastructure

A laser designed for removing rust from bridges is used to prevent corrosion and ensure structural integrity
By flying this specialized drone through narrow water pipes, engineers can quickly identify areas in need of repair

Global Trends

Jackfruit is found in abundance in areas such as South and Southeast Asia, and one can weigh up to 20 kilograms
At a high-end restaurant in Singapore, a dish that uses jackfruit as a meat alternative has been popular with health-conscious customers and those concerned about their environmental footprint