Using to the Fullest
Featuring a textile company that offers a restoration service for its high-quality towels and a shoe repair business that is breathing new life into well-worn sneakers, this episode focuses on businesses that are helping consumers to get the most out of their belongings.

[In Focus: China's Zero-Covid Policy Weighs on Global Economy]
China continues to deploy strict measures to contain the coronavirus. But the strategy is being severely tested, with surging cases and clear damage to the economy. It's also having repercussions for businesses across the globe.

[Global Trends: Gadget Demand Sparks 'Tin Rush' in Rural Indonesia]
Prices of tin, used in making smartphones and personal computers, have been skyrocketing. This has triggered rush in mining in parts of rural Indonesia, having an impact on people's lives and raising concerns about the environment.

Using to the Fullest

A thick new sole is added to a pair of used sneakers
Owners of these towels can take advantage of a new service to repair minor damage and bring back their fluffiness

Global Trends

Indonesia is the world's second-largest tin producer, and much of the metal is mined from the land and sea of Bangka Island, east of Sumatra
As the price of tin has soared, unlicensed local people mine tin from the seabed