Advances in Assistive Tech
This episode introduces a wearable navigation product for visually impaired users and a new device that allows people who have lost their voice boxes to speak with a more natural-sounding voice.

[In Focus: BOJ Chief Faces Stronger Headwinds in Final Year]
Japanese consumers are seeing prices soar for food and other daily necessities. But wages and demand are not increase. Together, these have created a dilemma that is haunting the head of the nation's central bank.

[Global Trends: From Clothing to Food]
The fashion industry is making the shift to sustainable business models. We see how one company is making clothes from traditional Japanese washi paper ... so they can be used to help grow vegetables.

Advances in Assistive Tech

This new type of hands-free electrolarynx has been developed by a group of engineers, including students from The University of Tokyo
This wearable device attaches to a wearer's shoes and provides detailed navigational instructions to different parts of their feet

Global Trends

All the items in this shop are made from traditional Japanese washi paper, which is biodegradable and can be used in farming
Customers can return clothes they no longer need, and they are sent to the shop's farm and used to enrich the soil where vegetables are grown