Rekindling a Passion for Pottery
[On-Site Report]
After being forced to leave from his hometown following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, a pottery kiln owner struggled to keep his 300-year-old craft alive. By teaming up with his business-savvy son, the duo is now using modern technology and marketing techniques to create products with international appeal.

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Russia faces a growing range of sanctions in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine. The US has added Russia's energy industry to the list. We see how that risks a further acceleration of global inflation.

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On-Site Report

Artisan Matsunaga Kazuo applies the finishing touches to a piece of pottery as his son Takeshi looks on
New products featuring modern designs are helping Matsunaga's kiln find a broader customer base

Global Trends

American workers take to social media to share their decisions to leave their jobs
The rebound from the pandemic has fueled demand for workers and created a severe labor shortage