Coming Full Circle
[On-Site Report]
Eleven years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake devastated Japan's Tohoku region. This episode follows the story of a young woman who survived the disaster as a child and went on to study abroad. Since returning home, she has been working to help revitalize her town's fishing industry by helping local fishermen export seafood to America.

[In Depth: Japan Pushes Economic Security Measures]
Countries including Japan have been moving to protect strategic resources and industries amid heightened global tensions. We see what the changes mean for economies and businesses going forward.

[Global Trends: The Desert of Excess]
Piles of clothing that are no longer wanted have been accumulating in a desert in Chile, creating pollution and health hazards in the region. We see what happens when mass production runs amok.

On-Site Report

Chefs gather to try seafood brought from Ishinomaki at a tasting event held in Washington, DC
Locally harvested scallops are prepared for export to the US

Global Trends

Unsold and unwanted items have piled up in the Atacama Desert, a beautiful location that's visited by tourists but which is increasingly at risk of environmental destruction
A company in the area is trying to help by turning some of the garments into housing insulation, however, the scope of the problem far surpasses its efforts